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This column shares news and stories about Anhui, which serves as a bridge connecting Anhui and the world.
  • Life and death in the house of hope

    Published on:May 17, 2016Source: China Daily
    A ramshackle building in the backstreets of the capital of Anhui province is a home for some of China's sickest children. Zhao Xu reports from Hefei. Standing solitarily in the corner of an open alleyway corridor, amid empty cupboards and discarded mineral water bottles, is a children's tricycle. The electric-blue bike added a heart-lifting jolt of color to a place otherwise shrouded in drabness. While the wheels had clearly been collecting dust for a long time, a small wooden plank where the seat once was, fastened by plastic string indicated that bike was still in active use. ...[Read]
  • Huizhou: The capital of wood, stone and brick sculpting

    Published on:May 14, 2016Source: China Daily
    Also known as Huizhou Prefecture, Huangshan is today widely associated with being the home of the picturesque Huangshan Mountain, or Yellow Mountain. What many people are not aware of, however, is that the city is also renowned for its carvings, be it wood, stone or brick. "The furniture made by the local craftsmen of Huangshan have always been famous in the country", said Chen Wenyuan, an expert from the Huangshan-based Anhui Research Center of Intangible Culture Heritage. In fact, the ancient architecture in Huang...[Read]
  • 10-year-old girl writes letter to help raise treatment funds

    Published on:Apr 13, 2016Source: People's Daily
    A 10-year-old girl from central China’s Anhui province recently wrote a three-page letter to the public in hopes of raising money to help cure her congenital heart disease. The girl, Yan Meng, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease eight years ago. She had one surgery when she was very young, but the disease was not cured. A second one is needed now, or else the disease will almost surely take her life. Due to expensive treatment fees, Yan’s family already has a great deal of debt. The second surgery costs 300,000 yuan, a burden the f...[Read]
  • Anhui woman preserves traditional sugar-figure making

    Published on:Feb 23, 2016Source:
    A woman from east China's Anhui Province has been trying to keep the tradition of making sugar figures alive. The traditional folk art is said to have a history of more than 600 years. By kneading, pulling, and blowing, Hou Shouqin turns pieces of melted sugar into different shapes of animals, much like glassblowers in the West. The seemingly magical technique always attracts a number of children and adults as crowds gather to watch the show at her stand in the province's capital, Hefei. Hou's exciting craftsmanship has to...[Read]