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This column shares latest research and views from Chinese experts who specialize in international and regional studies.
  • High-quality development offers solutions to imbalance, inadequacy

    Published on:Jan 02, 2018Source: cssn
    The Politburo of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a meeting on Dec. 8 to discuss economic development in China in the coming year. The meeting reiterated that high-quality development should be the guiding philosophy of development ideas, economic policies and macroeconomic control measures in the long term. The role as the guiding philosophy means that a high premium will be placed on high-quality development, so why is it important? First, China must pursue high-quality development to adapt to the new principal contradiction. Now th...[Read]
  • US government being hypocritical in accusing others of war on media

    Published on:Dec 16, 2016Source: China Daily
    Sarah Sewall, the US under secretary of state for civilian security, democracy and human rights, spoke recently of how freedom of information and freedom of the press form the bedrock for US foreign policy. She lashed out at China and Russia, saying that a recent report found that the Chinese government and its legions of helpers write nearly a half billion fake posts a year, and that the Russian government spends at least $400 million a year on its propaganda machine of bots and trolls and factories of false content to undermine trust in independent media. Sh...[Read]
  • Orientalism reflects view of world with West at its center

    Published on:Jul 06, 2016Source: Wang Zengzhi
    In recent years, Orientalist discourse has permeated politics, economy, society, culture and other areas in some countries through education and media. Many people have accepted and helped to publicize it. The discourse is based on the logic of Western centrism, the goal of which is to construct a discourse system that serves the political purposes of the West by denying the history of Eastern countries. In the political domain, Orientalist discourse is represented by narratives of the “Yellow Peril,” the China threat or the collapse of China. In history s...[Read]
  • US hype of China's 'military threat' undermines mutual trust

    Published on:May 16, 2016Source: Xinhua
    The release of an annual report by the United States to hype up China's "military threat" will only undermine the strategic mutual trust between the two major countries. For starters, the United States has no right to "monitor" the military strategy and force development of such a sovereign country as China. China follows a national defense policy that is defensive in nature. Like any other country in the world, it has every legitimate reason to develop military forces to safeguard its sovereignty and peaceful development. In the report base...[Read]
  • Japan's new envoy faces challenges

    Published on:May 16, 2016Source: China Daily
    The new Japanese Ambassador to China, Yutaka Yokoi, a China expert who previously worked in the country in other roles for more than five years, arrived in Beijing on Sunday. Yokoi, 61, takes the post as Sino-Japanese ties have been overshadowed by the high profile adopted by Tokyo over the South China Sea issue, in addition to long-standing historical and territorial issues. Yang Bo-jiang, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Japan Studies, said he hopes that Yokoi will play a key role in improving communication and promotin...[Read]