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  • What nobody tells you about becoming the boss

    Published on:Oct 10, 2016Source: BBC
    Long before Roman Stanek became founder and CEO of GoodData, the cloud-based software and data-analytics firm based in San Francisco, he was just a respected engineer. After a few promotions at software companies, that engineer found himself in 1997 as CEO of the software company NetBeans. A far cry from engineering, Stanek suddenly had to develop an entirely new skillset, one as a manager and leader. Things didn’t always go smoothly. When Sun Microsystems offered to buy the company in 1999, Stanek thought he could manage the acquisition largely in-house —...[Read]
  • The 5 most important skills every entrepreneur needs to succeed

    Published on:May 26, 2016Source: Square
    The drive to start a business, build it, and work hard to make it successful is not an urge that everyone shares. It takes a particular kind of person, so it makes sense that entrepreneurs share a particular set of skills. Take a look at some of the personal and professional traits that entrepreneurs have in common. They know how to hire the right people. Effective entrepreneurs know that they can’t do everything at their company. Instead, they know how important it is to hire talented people who have skills that they lack (or don't have the band...[Read]
  • Foreign language education in China is in urgent need of change

    Published on:May 16, 2016Source: Sava Hassan
    Last week, as I was correcting my students' midterm exams from an advanced English writing class, I was shocked by the incoherence and lack of logic in their compositions. This prompted me to take a moment to reflect on my twelve years of experience teaching in China. My main objective was to come to terms with the reason behind my shock. Logic would lead me to believe that by now I should be accustomed to the poor quality of Chinese students' English writing abilities. I realized that the reason for my perplexity was the fact that my stude...[Read]
  • Skilled labor advantage for competitiveness

    Published on:May 13, 2016Source: Amitendu Palit
    In the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index of 2016 produced by Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness, China retained the top ranking it has held since 2013; the United States moved up to number two, and Germany dropped to number three. The report predicts the US will overtake China as the world's most competitive country in manufacturing by 2020. While China scored 100 in the current competitiveness index it is predicted to fall to 93.5 in 2020, while the US, which scored 99.5 in the current index, is forecast to score 100 by 2020. Thus the report expects the US ...[Read]