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  • China’s advanced manufacturing will likely change the rules of economic development

    Published on:May 12, 2016Source: Dan Steinbock
    About a year ago, China’s State Council unveiled a national plan, “Made in China 2025,” which seeks to upgrade China’s manufacturing base. The objective is to transform China into the leading global manufacturing power by 2049. The booming robotics is a prime example. China is already the world’s largest robotics market. By the year-end, it is expected to become the world’s leading producer. Foreign industry pioneers are giving way to Chinese robotics giants, such as Shenyang Siasun and Ningbo Techmation’s subsidiary E-Deodar. Chinese companies have begun acquisitions in ...[Read]
  • Taxation offers valuable tool to fight climate change

    Published on:May 03, 2016Source:
    Around the world, governments are recognizing the need to address the threat posed by global climate change. One commonly used measure is carbon pricing, which includes carbon taxes and trading. China should include this policy into its long-term strategies for addressing climate change and promoting social economy. Moreover, carbon taxes are a crucial part of China’s green tax reform. Other pollutants, which are expected to fall to manageable levels in the next 10 years, can be addressed using short-term taxes, but reining in carbon emissions requires long-term planning. Howev...[Read]
  • Media must guide narrative to raise national soft power

    Published on:Apr 15, 2016Source: Meng Wei
    The ability to dictate the terms of discourse is an essential component of national power. While China’s growing hard power is evidenced by the increased international scrutiny of its every move, it needs to counter biased perceptions in other countries to build global influence and strengthen its soft power. China’s share of the international market for cultural products is smaller relative to that of developed countries, and its products have limited added value. In the context of global communication, people often observe the world and interpret culture through reports of l...[Read]
  • Quality should form core of social governance

    Published on:Mar 08, 2016Source: Wang Xing
    Social governance is an interdisciplinary issue involving cultural concepts, institutional arrangements, performance evaluations and strategic choices. A better understanding of social quality is needed to break new ground in the field of social governance. Before the concept of social quality was introduced, there were two models for evaluation of social conditions. One was the quality of life model, which emphasizes the subjective feelings of each member of society. This model is suitable for evaluating the efficiency of social policy, but it has limitations in terms of object...[Read]
  • Information collection and CIRS disclaimer

    Published on:Jan 01, 2016Source: CIRS
    As the only official website of CIRS at Anhui University, we are trying to provide one-stop information service for anyone interested in international and regional issues by collecting and releasing information relevant to their studies. We appreciate any effort on the part of anyone to share information related to our studies. If you want to contribute to our website, please send an email to Finally, we have explicitly indicated the sources or authors of all content on our website, published solely for the purpose of study and research ...[Read]