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CASS research fellow Jiang Shixue lectured at Forum for International Studies
May 07, 2016 Source: CIRS   Hits:506

On the morning of May 6th, deputy director of the European Institute of China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Jiang Shixue received a honorary professorship of Anhui University from vice president Yu Benli. The conferment ceremony was held in Room B202 of the Administrative Building on Qingyuan Campus, which was chaired by Zhang Yong, CPC secretary of the School of Sociology and Political Science.


After the conferment ceremony, Mr. Jiang Shixue delivered a lecture at CIRS Forum for International Studies in Auditorium 400 at Sheke B Buidling, with the topic Latin America in China’s Big Diplomacy. Mr. Jiang began with China’s Big Diplomacy, pointed out the strategic position of Latin America in China’s Big Diplomacy, and expressed his views on the future of Sino-Latam relations and ways to promote their relations. Professor Jiang praised the achievements of the Institute of Latin America Studies (ILAS) of Anhui University in his lecture, and proposed suggestions and advice for the further development of ILAS. Officials from the Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs, directors of CIRS institutes, researchers from ILAS, and undergraduates and post-graduates from the Department of International Affairs and Relations attended the lecture.


On the afternoon of May 6th, Mr. Jiang Shixue held a discussion in Room 502 at Sheke B Building with ILAS researchers on the topic Some key issues in Latin American studies, which was also attended by Shi Hongsheng, director of Center for Russian Studies, Dr. Wang Zhonghua, executive director of the Oriental Yi Development Research Center, some Ph.D. and postgraduate students. At the end of the discussion, CIRS director and ILAS director Professor Fan Hesheng conferred the certificate of honorary researcher of ILAS to Professor Jiang Shixue, and thanked him for sharing his experience and advice. Professor Fan Hesheng expressed hope to maintain close exchange and cooperation with European Institute of CASS and China Society for Latin American Studies in order to boost the capability and influence of CIRS in international and regional studies. 


Note: Prof. Jiang Shixue (born on Sept. 10, 1956) is currently the deputy director of European Institute of CASS. He has also been working in the Institute of Latin American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) since 1980. He was appointed Deputy Director of the institute in 1997 and promoted to the rank of professorship in 1998. He is also Chair of the Department of Latin American Studies at the CASS Graduate School; Secretary-General of the Chinese Association of Latin American Studies; and Deputy Director-General of the Chinese Center for the Third World Studies.