Former Ambassador to US Li Daoyu talked with teachers and students at CIRS
May 16, 2016 Source: CIRS   Hits:403

On the morning of May 12, renowned diplomat, former China Ambassador to the UN, and former Ambassador of China to the US Li Daoyu held a talk with teachers and students from the Department of International Studies in Room B502 of Sheke Building on the topic Sino-US relations and the importance of Sino-US studies to China’s rise as a world power, which lasted for nearly two hours. CIRS Director Professor Fan Hesheng, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Qi Jun, and some teachers and students from relevant departments also participated in the talk. The talk was chaired by Professor Chen Yiping, Director of the School of Sociology and Political Science. 


Ambassador Li Daoyu spoke from his own long-term experience in diplomacy, and approached Sino-US relations from three perspectives. Ambassador Li pointed out that as one of the most important bilateral relations of the 21st century, it is of great significance to the promotion of Sino-US relations to conduct top-level dialogues, economic and trade exchanges, military and cultural exchanges between China and the United States. Ambassador Li then looked back on the ups and downs in Sino-US relations, and divided the 37-year history of Sino-US diplomatic relationship into four stages: from active stage to hard period, and again to the new relationship between big powers that is mutually dependent and inseparable. He said that the United States as a developed country and China as an emerging power should both face their differences, and seek common grounds despite difference to conduct practical cooperation, so as to jointly promote world order in a more healthy direction. In the end, Ambassador Li made some comments on the US general election based on the contemporary perspective of US social development, pointing out that US general election concerns all aspects of social life, which can be investigated from multidisciplinary perspectives such as sociology and demography.

In the Q and A session, Ambassador Li answered in detail on the spot questions raised by students and teachers. He also expressed his expectations for the department of international studies and research on international issues as a diplomat and a practitioner of international relations.

Note: Mr. Li Daoyu is a descendant of the Li Hongzhang family, and a fifth-generation grandson of Li Hezhang, the third bother of Li Hongzhang. He was born in Shanghai in 1932, and began his career in November, 1948. He joined the diplomatic service in 1952 and became a career diplomat.  Among his official posts are deputy chief of International Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deputy representative of China to the UN headquarter in Geneva, chief of International Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Representative to the UN, and Ambassador of China to the United States. He was elected as a member to the 9th National People’s Congress in March, 1998, and the deputy chair of Commission for Overseas Chinese Affairs of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.