Jiang Shixue
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Prof. Jiang Shixue (born on Sept. 10, 1956) has been working in the Institute of Latin American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) since 1980. He was appointed Deputy Director of the institute in 1997 and promoted to the rank of professorship in 1998. He is also Chair of the Department of Latin American Studies at the CASS Graduate School; Secretary-General of the Chinese Association of Latin American Studies; and Deputy Director-General of the Chinese Center for the Third World Studies.  


Jiang Shixue was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean at the York University, Toronto, in 1985-86, and participated in the Mid-career Associates Program at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California (San Diego) in 1990. In 1998 he was the recipient of a fellowship to work on the project titled Latin America and the Pacific Rim, organized by Peter Smith from the University of California (San Diego). With a fellowship from the EU-China Higher Education Program, Jiang Shixue spent one month during March-April, 2000, at the Research Center for Development and International Relations (DIR) at the Aalborg University, Denmark.

Jiang Shixue has lectured in the University of Wyoming, University of California (Los Angles) and University of Southern California. He has also been invited to participate in international conferences in Brazil, Chile, UK,the U.S., Korea, Japan and Thailand. 

In addition to numerous book chapters, articles and papers on Latin America and other Third World topics, Jiang Shixue has published three books: Latin American Development Models (Beijing: Economic Management Press, 1996), Economic Reforms in Latin America (Beijing: Economic Management Press, 1998) and Comparative Studies of the Development Models in Latin America and East Asia (Beijing: World Affairs Publishing House, forthcoming).

He is also the translator of many publications from English to Chinese, including the book Modern Latin America by Thomas Skidmore and Peter Smith.

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