Delegation from Yucatán Autonomous University visit ILAS
Dec 05, 2015 Source: ILAS   Hits:324

On December 4th, a Mexican delegation led by Dr. Andreas Aluja, head of Cooperation and Internationalization of Yucatán Autonomous University, paid a visit to Anhui University, exchanged views on further cooperation with ILAS, and donated to ILAS some original research materials.


Director Guo Zhiyuan of AHU Department of International Cooperation and Exchange met with Dr. Andreas's delegation, welcomed their second visit on behalf of Anhui University, discussed further intercollegiate collaboration, and signed memorandum for cooperation.
During the meeting ILAS director professor Fan Hesheng briefed Dr. Andreas on ILAS development, thanked Yucatán Autonomous University for its long-term support, discussed work plans for the China Center and the Mexico Center jointly established in each other's universities and reached fruitful concensus.

Dr. Andreas thanked Anhui University for the warm reception, introduced the development of the China Center in Yucatán Autonomous University, and donated some original research materials to ILAS, hoping that the Mexico Center in Anhui University could make further progresses.
Also present at the meeting were Deputy Director of AHU Department of International Cooperation and Exchange Qi Jun, Deputy Director of ILAS professor Wu Zongyou and some ILAS researchers.