Fan Hesheng
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Ph.D. Supervisor and Professor FAN Hesheng is Deputy Chair of School of Sociology and Political Science of Anhui University (AHU), Director of Center for International and Regional Studies as well as Director of Institute for Latin America Studies(ILAS) at AHU. 


Among his other titles are AHU Excellent Middle Age and Youth Academic Talents, Director of Postgraduate Program for Sociology of AHU, member of the 2nd Instruction Committee for Social Work Postgraduate Education, Chair of Anhui Provincial Society for Socio-psychology, Deputy Chair of Anhui Provincial Society of Sociology, board member of China Society of Sociology, member of the Standing Committee of China Society of Socio-psychology, Consultant on Legislation for Anhui Provincial Government, member of the 7th Committee of Anhui Association of Social Scientists, and an expert commentator for Anhui Broadcasting Station. In recent years, he has supervised one sub-project of Major Project for National Social Science Foundation(NSSF), one general NSSF project, supervised and participated in over 10 projects at ministerial and provincial levels. He has published over 50 papers in various types of leading academic journals, 8 monographs, and edited about 30 textbooks. He has long been devoted to the teaching and research in social development theories, political sociology, Latin America modernization and Sino-LatAm relations. His research in Latin America modernization and Sino-LatAm relations has been fruitful and influential. He began to serve as the first ILAS Director, and published the paper How Should China View Latin America - Review and Reflections on Domestic Research, which was reproduced in full text on the 12th issue of International Politics by Renmin University of China in 2014, as well as by influential portal websites such as Thinktank China, Ziguangge, Gongshi, CPC News, China Social Science Net, Sino-LatAm Trade website, First Thinktank, Diplomatic Observer. His article Middle Income Trap, Is It Itself a Theoretical Trap? was published in the special NSSF column of People's Forum - Academic Frontier, a leading national journal for theoretical studies, which was soon reproduced online by leading websites such as Huaxia web, Frontline of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee, Zhongdao web, Study Web for Chinese Leaders, NSSF web, and China Social Science Net, and proved to be influential in academia and effective for political consultation.

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